OHP2024 - vizual
OHP2024 - vizual

10th Open House Prague Festival
Open Buildings | May 18–19, 2024


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The 2024 Open House Prague festival takes place May 13–19, 2024. The 10th edition of the festival will open 115 buildings and spaces around the capital city. Starting May 13, there will also be an eventful accompanying program on the weekdays, including special guided tours, lectures, and discussions (mostly in Czech). The full list of these events will be revealed by the end of April.

From Monday, May 13, you can also visit us at our information center, located this year at the Hybernská Campus (Hybernská 998/4, Prague 1). The information center is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the weekend. We are also working on this year’s edition of the Festival Guide, which will be available for purchase in both printed and digital form.

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Hybernská Campus, photo from the building’s archive
Dobrovolníci 2024
Join the heroes of the Open House Prague festival!
Former restaurant of the Štvanice Winter Stadium (now club Fuchs2), photo by Eva Mořická

Anniversaries & New Buildings

This year’s program commemorates several important Czechoslovak architects. You can visit functionalist gems such as the former restaurant of the Štvanice Winter Stadium by Josef Fuchs (130th birth anniversary), the Trade Fair Palace by Josef Fuchs and Oldřich Tyl (140th birth anniversary), and Tyl’s Pod Slovany Garage. We will also visit the Bílá Elementary School and Nursery School by Jan Gillar (120th birth anniversary). Czech functionalism is also represented by the works of Adolf Benš (140th birth anniversary), such as the former Electrical Enterprises (now Bubenská 1) and Terminal 4 at Václav Havel Airport. Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the death of Josef Fanta, we will also open the Hlávka Student Dormitory, the Art Nouveau building at the main railway station, and the seat of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Finally, the work of Karel Hubáček (100th birth anniversary) is represented e.g. by the DISK Theater. The program includes over 35 new buildings, e.g. the Škoda Works Palace, Na Libušince Villa, or several buildings at Prague Castle.

Watch This Year’s Trailer!

Závěrečné video OHP 2023

Tips for Must-See Buildings

Do you need help deciding which buildings to visit during Open House Prague 2024 on the weekend of May 18–19, or are you just looking for inspiration? We have put together a list of carefully selected buildings that represent Prague’s architectural diversity as well as this year’s must-see places. You can visit several gems of functionalist architecture, important buildings tied to sports and education, or unique examples of various architecture styles. Our selection will take you to the heart of Prague as well as other city districts, such as HolešoviceBřevnov, or Ruzyně. Several of these buildings also offer tours in English. Let’s go on a trip around the Czech capital!

Terminal 4 at Václav Havel Airport, photo by Tomáš Sysel

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