Open Senses

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What difficulties are faced by people who use wheelchairs or people with visual disabilities when moving around the city? Find out and participate in Open Senses, an interactive city game focused on the accessibility of the city for all as part of the accompanying program of the Open House Prague festival! The game is organized by the students of the Arts Management program at Prague University of Economics and Business.

Open Senses takes place on the festival weekend of May 18–19, 2024. During the game, you need to visit five checkpoints placed near buildings that are open during the festival. At each checkpoint, you need to complete a task that will lead you closer to the solving the crossword puzzle. The tasks are designed in a way so that the players can discover the city space through all senses and try out some of the challenges that people with visual or physical disabilities face on a daily basis. At the end of the game, those who successfully solve the puzzle will be rewarded.

You will have a guide at your disposal that will include instructions, a map with checkpoints, the solution, and information about each building. The guide will be available at every checkpoint and for online download, both in Czech and English.

Open Senses

Practical Information

The checkpoints are placed near the following buildings: Clam-Gallas Palace, Church of St. Anne – Prague Crossroads, Hybernská Campus, Metro Palace, and Na Zábradlí Theater. You can move on the designated route, but you don’t need to stick to the order of the checkpoints. The game ends at the Hybernská Campus – at the information center, where you can pick up your reward for solving the puzzle.

The game takes about 1–2 hours to complete and is also accessible to people with various forms of disabilities. You can best enjoy the game when playing with your family or friends. There is no need to register in advance to participate in the game.

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