Founding team

Andrea Šenkyříková
founder and director

The idea to hold the festival was born in my mind in early 2013 after I found out about Open House London. I was thrilled about this easy concept that is based on curiosity and interest in your city and the place where you live. The community aspect, which works very well in London, was also very appealing to me – and that was before I even had any idea how rewarding and energizing it is to collaborate with volunteers across generations. I am incredibly grateful for their enthusiasm and their hard work each year.

Klára Veselá
coordinator of volunteers

I’ve been a part of the festival ever since the beginning, and it probably has to do with my lifelong need to give people access to information. To offer everybody (including myself) another possibility to educate oneself and to be interested in the place where you live. I also believe that opening the imaginary door – in our case, doors of buildings that have an impact on us without us even knowing – is all it takes to leave us astonished.

Michaela Pánková
communication manager

The festival is very close to my heart. I knew right from the beginning that this was an event that I wanted to be involved in. I enjoy communicating with owners of the buildings and learning new information about the open houses. There is no better reward after months of hard work than the weekend of Open House Prague, which is filled with positive emotions and adrenaline.

Implementation team 2021

Adéla Jarošová
social media and international projects

Martina Dvořáková
events and fundraising

Renata Hajnová

Monika Kubertová

Eliška Mikesková
accompanying programs for people with hearing disabilities

Volunteers and other cooperators

Photographer and coordinator of festival photographers: Tomáš Sysel
Website: Matěj Šenkyřík
Financial management and accounting: Alena Bernau
PR team and consultations: Michaela Hráská, Jarmila Řehořková, Kateřina Straková, Nikol Ossendorfová, Jana Olejníková
Texts and materials for volunteers: Markéta Gossová et al.
Graphics: Lukáš Franz, Magdalena Rutová
Illustrations: Jan Šrámek
Translations: Markéta Gossová, Jana Gallistlová, Michaela Hráská, Nikol Ossendorfová
Corrections of Czech texts: Romana Hrdličková, Miki Doucha
Corrections of English texts: Mary Hawker
Worksheets for little architects: Magdaléna Veselá, Nina Rutová, Klára Veselá, Magdalena Rutová 
Guides: Martin Bělohradský, Petr Mráz
Expert advice: Filip Ditrich, Petr Zeman, Jakub Machačka, Štěpán Klimeš, Radek Pavlíček, Petr Dušek, Radomíra Sedláková

Stay in Touch

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