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Join us and explore architecture in a different way! The festival of open buildings has become an important architecture event that gives people access to the city’s hidden architecture gems. Only Open House Prague provides you with free entry to dozens of usually inaccessible buildings and spaces. Open House Prague isn’t just a weekend event – the festival also offers a week-long accompanying program with guided tours, lectures, and debates on city architecture. With the festival motto being “Architecture for Everyone”, the program also offers activities for children as well as tours for people with visual or hearing disabilities.

The 10th Open House Prague will take place May 13–19, 2024. Follow our Facebook event for exclusive peeks be!

photo: Dušan Vondra
Fotogalerie 2023
How was the 9th Open House Prague?
Fotogalerie 2023
How was the 9th Open House Prague?

The festival opens eyes, minds, and doors; it helps citizens start perceiving their surroundings in terms of design and architecture. My goal was to create a festival that would be for everybody and accessible for free, because the city belongs to all of us, and we should get involved and become a part of it.

founder of Open House London and Open House Worldwide
Závěrečné video OHP 2023

Open House Worldwide

The concept of Open House was founded in London in 1992 by Victoria Thornton, holder of the Order of the British Empire. Thanks to the success of the festival, it has since expanded to 50 cities around the world. Open House was originally a community project established with the intention to strengthen the dialogue between the public and architects, the city, and its public space. Open House Prague is a proud member of Open House Worldwide, an international network founded officially in 2010 and managed by Open City, a nonprofit organization registered in the United Kingdom.

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The festival is organized by the nonprofit Open House Praha, z. ú. with the support from a number of partners and individuals. The festival would never be able to happen if it weren’t for hunders of volunteers who dedicate their time to us and help us open the city. Do you like what we do? Join us! Become a volunteer, donate, or become a member of the Architecture Lovers Club. You can also enroll your building in the festival program, subscribe to our newsletter, or buy our products in our online store. Your support motivates us and assures us that our work is worth it. Thank you!

photo: Dušan Vondra

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