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Come explore the city!

With Open House Prague, you can explore the Czech capital and discover the city’s hidden architecture gems. We offer you an exclusive peek inside buildings that usually stay closed to the public.

The next edition of the Open House Prague festival, which opens the city for everyone free of charge, will take place from May 12th to May 18th, 2025. Join the event on Facebook or support its preparations. You can read about the jubilee 10th edition in the article. Besides the festival, we also organize year-round guided walks and building tours such as the Great Strahov Stadium.

View from the rooftop of the building Quadrio
View from the roof of Quadrio, photo: Dušan Vondra

Watch the Video From Open House Prague 2024!

Závěrečné video OHP 2023
Mala Strana
photo by Maria Reštovaňuk

Explore Prague All Year Long!

Did you know that we organize events throughout the entire year where you can explore architecture in various districts of Prague? Although these events are primarily in Czech, selected events are also held in English. Occasionaly, we also organize tours with German or Russian commentary. See the current list of walking tours in our Events Calendar and join us!

You’re simply an amazing organization! You give people exceptional memories and connect them with Prague better than anyone else.

visitor feedback (2021)
photo: Dušan Vondra

Join us!

The festival is a community project organized by Open House Praha, z. ú, a non-profit organization, thanks to the support from a number of partners and individuals. The festival would never happen if it weren’t for hunders of volunteers who dedicate their time to us and help us open the city. Do you like what we do? Join us! Become a volunteer, donate, or become a member of the club of Architecture Lovers. You can also enroll your building in the festival program, subscribe to our newsletter, or buy our products in our online store. Your support motivates us and assures as that our work is meaningful. Thank you!

Open House Prague is the first Czech festival of its kind that has opened itself to people with visual disabilities and hearing disabilities while fully respecting their needs, putting emphasis on their safety and providing them with the full experience. Accessibility is about determination, not about financially demanding solutions or modifications. Andrea Šenkyříková, director of the festival, has simply decided to make Open House Prague for everybody, and she is acting on that decision. That is why people with hearing disabilities and visual disabilities can explore the beauties of Prague’s architecture. I am happy that Světluška can be a part of that.

Gabriela Drastichová
Světluška, a foundation managed by Český rozhlas (Czech Radio)

Exploring new buildings always brings a feeling of excitement and discovery. That is not the most important thing about Open House, though: the ability to enter buildings which have previously been just anonymous spots in the map for us and see them from the inside allows us to deepen our relationship with the city and become more connected to the place where we live.

Petr Hlaváček and Magdalena Hlaváčková
Architekti Headhand


Financial Support


Technological Partners

Partners of Programs for People with Disabilites

Media Partners

The 2024 Open House Prague festival takes place under the auspices of the following people:

Martin Baxa, culture minister of the Czech Republic
Ivan Bartoš,
regional development minister of the Czech Republic
Jana Černochová,
defense minister of the Czech Republic
Bohuslav Svoboda,
mayor of Prague
Petr Hlaváček,
deputy mayor of Prague and councilor for local and strategic development
Adam Zábranský,
councilor for property, transparency, and legislation

Jiří Pospíšil, deputy mayor of Prague, councilor for culture, tourism, historic preservation, exhibitions, and animal care
Michal Hroza, councilor for infrastructure

Naděžda Goryczková, CEO of the National Heritage Institute
Terezie Radoměřská,
mayor of the Prague 1 Municipal District
Jan Korseska,
mayor of the Prague 2 Municipal District
Michal Vronský,
mayor of the Prague 3 Municipal District
Ondřej Kubín,
mayor of the Prague 4 Municipal District
Radka Šimková,
mayor of the Prague 5 Municipal District
Jakub Stárek,
mayor of the Prague 6 Municipal District
Jan Čižinský,
mayor of the Prague 7 Municipal District
Ondřej Gros,
mayor of the Prague 8 Municipal District
Tomáš Portlík,
mayor of the Prague 9 Municipal District
Martin Valovič,
mayor of the Prague 10 Municipal District
Vojtěch Kos,
mayor of the Prague 12 Municipal District
Martin Tumpach,
mayor of the Prague-Ďáblice Municipal District
Tomáš Bryknar,
mayor of the Prague-Troja Municipal District
Petr Hejl,
mayor of the Prague-Suchdol Municipal District

Stay in Touch

Throughout the year, we send our newsletter about the festival and other events in english.