Open House Praha 2020

The 6th Open House Prague took place on a new date, September 1–6, 2020. The festival began with a series of small events which livened up some architecturally interesting by music and dance. For example, Vážný zájem, a classical music ensemble, performed in the cubist Kovařovic Villa, Braasi Factory, or the functionalist Radost House. In Prague Crossroads, there was a contemporary dance performance. The program also featured a theme route titled Buildings coming alive, stirred up by a debate with representatives of places such as the Karlín Barracks, Radost House, or Prague Marketplace. As part of the accompanying program, there was a special guided tour around the marketplace focused on its history and revitalization plans.

photo by Kateřina Vodrážková
photo by Jan Mizler


On the weekend of September 5–6, 66 buildings that are usually not accessible opened their gates to the public, from industrial monuments and historic palaces to modern offices, eco-friendly buildings, and residential living. The original number of enrolled buildings was 73; however, some of our partners had to cancel their participation at the last minute, mostly due to reasons related to the coronavirus epidemic. Despite the increased safety measures, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors. Considering the situation and the different date, we recorded 35,650 visits, roughly one half of the attendance rate from previous years, and we deem such a number successful.

… For me, it was the best Open House Prague I’ve ever attended. Thank you so much, I enjoyed it incredibly.


New buildings

The most visited buildings were the newly participating ones, such as Kovařovic Villa, Straka Academy – seat of the Government of the Czech Republic, Congress Center Prague, the coworking center on Sněmovní 7, HubHub coworking center in ARA Palace, Nusle Brewery, or the recently finished Prague 7 Town Hall. Visitors were also attracted to unusual places such as underground shelters, water towers, or industrial spaces. The program was adjusted in accordance with the current situation, and we tried to open not only buildings but also larger premises such the Exhibition Grounds, Pragovka, Podkovářská, Libosad, or Orionka Tram Depot.

photo by Hana Krejbichová
photo by Tomáš Sysel

Theme route

The theme route was focused on dilapidating and nearly forgotten buildings. We were interested in their stories and the stories of the people (active citizen associations or individuals) who are trying to bring such buildings back to life. These people interconnect local communities and give new life not only to the buildings but also to their surroundings. There was also a debate on the topic.

Accompanying program on the weekend

There was a diverse accompanying program prepared by our partners from the participating buildings. Visitors could attend tours with architects, see exhibitions and presentations regarding the history and the future of the buildings, visit an art market, or attend concerts and performances. There were 55 events in the accompanying program in total.

photo by Hana Krejbichová

… I attended the festival on both days, and I’d like to thank you all for a great event preparation and organization. You have given exceptional memories to a lot of people. It is an amazing event. Hats off to all the volunteers – they were amazing, nice, smiling, and willing to help. I wish you a lot of success and strength in the next years.

photo by Eva Mořická

Festival for families with children

The motto of Open House Prague 2020 was Architecture for everybody. We created another set of interactive worksheets which allowed children to explore the buildings in a fun way. 14 special tours for children with worksheets for little architects took place in 7 buildings. In Radost House, there was a Lego workroom where children and their parents could get creative and build dozens of interesting constructions. The littlest ones could play in a workroom with Duplo bricks. Some of our partnes from the buildings had an entertaining program for families prepared, too.

A program without barriers

In three buildings, there were special tours for people with hearing disabilities. These tours were interpreted into the Czech sign language with simultaneous transcription. For the first time ever, we also prepared guided tours for visitors with visual disabilities. These tours took place in 7 buildings. Visitors could not only listen to the commentary but also read more about the buildings and their surroundings thanks to tactile maps, tactile plans, and 3D models.

photo by Dušan Vondra

Open House Prague is the first Czech festival of its kind that has opened itself to people with visual disabilities while fully respecting their needs and putting emphasis on their safety and full experience. Accessibility is about determination, not about financially demanding solutions or rebuilding. Andrea Šenkyříková, director of the festival, has simply decided to make Open House Prague for everybody, and she is acting on that decision. That is why people with hearing and visual disabilities can explore the beauties of Prague’s architecture. I am glad that Světluška could be a part of that.

photo by Marie Hendrychová


There were 300 volunteers who helped organize the tours and the commentary in collaboration with the owners or managers of the buildings. Our volunteers were asking visitors to be mutually considerate, and they were making sure that the limits of group sizes and frequency of tours were not exceeded. The program also included tours guided by the very architects of some of the buildings.

The first joint event of the Open House Worldwide network

The 1st Open House Worldwide Festival took place on November 14–15, 2020. The joint event of more than 35 cities, members of the international network, offered a 48-hour long online program including various events, discussions, tours, and more. Open House Worldwide touched upon various subjects – from climate change and housing to transport and public space. The festival was attended by more than 40,000 people. Our contribution on behalf of Open House Prague was shot in collaboration with Adam Gebrian and and was met with a very positive response.

Open House Prague 2020 in numbers


open buildings


guided tours

participating city districts

events in the accompanying program

Archiv budov - EN
Which buildings were open during this festival?
Archiv budov - EN
Which buildings were open during this festival?


Open House Prague 2020 was held under the auspices of the following people: Lubomír Zaorálek – culture minister; Nick Archer – ambassador of the United Kingdom; Zdeněk Hřib – mayor of Prague; Petr Hlaváček – deputy mayor of Prague; Hana Třeštíková – councilor for culture, protected buildings care, exhibitions, and tourist industry; Jan Chabr – councilor for property managament; Ondřej Boháč – director of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development; Naděžda Goryczková – CEO of the National Heritage Institute; Petr Hejma – mayor of the Prague 1 Municipal District; Jana Černochová – mayor of the Prague 2 Municipal District; Jiří Ptáček – mayor of the Prague 3 Municipal District; Irena Michalcová – mayor of the Prague 4 Municipal District; Michal Hroza – deputy mayor of the Prague 4 Municipal District; Renáta Zajíčková – mayor of the Prague 5 Municipal District; Ondřej Kolář – mayor of the Prague 6 Municipal District; Jan Čižinský – mayor of the Prague 7 Municipal District; Ondřej Gros – mayor of the Prague 8 Municipal District; Jan Jarolím – mayor of the Prague 9 Municipal District; Renáta Chmelová – mayor of the Prague 10 Municipal District; Miloš Růžička – mayor of the Prague-Ďáblice Municipal District.

Financial support

Hlavní město Praha, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Ministerstvo vnitra ČR, Architekti Headhand, Kongresové centrum Praha, Městská část Praha 4, Městská část Praha 6, Městská část Praha 5, Městská část Praha 7, Městská část Praha 1, Městská část Praha 8, Státní fond kultury, Nadace české architektury


Czech Repubrick,,, EMPYREUM Information Technologies, AI DESIGN, Bageterie Boulevard, Hestia – centrum pro dobrovolnictví, Radost, Pražská paroplavební společnost, Ústav jazyků a komunikace neslyšících FF UK, Transkript, Česká unie neslyšících, Nadační fond Českého rozhlasu Světluška, Středisko Teiresiás Masarykovy univerzity, Sjednocená organizace nevidomých a slabozrakých (SONS) ČR, Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Rekola, Česká rada pro šetrné budovy

Partners of programs for people with disabilities

Ústav jazyků a komunikace neslyšících FF UK, Transkript, Česká unie neslyšících, Nadační fond Českého rozhlasu Světluška, Středisko Teiresiás, Technická univerzita v Liberci – Fakulta umění a architektury, Radost

Main media partner

Media partners 

Český rozhlas Rádio DAB Praha, TV Architect Studio,TV Bydlení, Luxury Prague Life, ERA21, Intro, Archiweb, Estav, CZECHDESIGN, Propamátky, Prague City Tourism, HMG, UNI – kulturní magazín

Thank you to all our partners for your support!

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