Open Buildings and Spaces of the 6th Open House Prague
September 5–6, 2020

All you need to know

The entry to open buildings is free and you don’t need to register anywhere in advance. Only some accompanying programs that take place on the weekdays of the festival week are with a fee or require to be booked. Unless stated otherwise, tours in the buildings take place continuously. The printed festival guide will go on sale on September 1 in the information center at the Radost House where we will be available on the weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We have also opened an online shop where you can order the festival guide. Before you set off to explore the beauties of Prague’s architecture, you can read a summary of basic practical information.

Pre-order our festival guide now

The festival guide contains detailed information about all the open buildings, which are categorized by area. Each area includes a map close-up and all practical information regarding the accessibility of each building. The guide also includes indexes, tips for theme routes and accompanying programs as well as short articles or interesting interviews. The guide is available in Czech, but it also contains a special English section. The guide is an essential material that makes your navigation through the extensive program much easier. Order a copy of our printed guide now! The printed version can be picked up only in our information center.

Programs for children

Download a mobile app

The English information about every building is available also online at or in a relevant mobile app. Via the map app you can even plan your own route.

Theme route: Buildings coming alive

Are you enthusiastic about urban exploration of dilapidated, half-forgotten buildings? We have a special theme route prepared for you which is focused exactly on these buildings. We’re interested in their stories as well as the fate of people who try to make these buildings come back to life. Such people consist of active civic associations or individuals. They interconnect local communities, and thanks to clever program dramaturgy, they give a new life not only to the buildings but also to their surroundings. There are also some buildings in the program of the festival that are still waiting to be brought back to life. There will also be a debate on the topic.

Stay in Touch

Throughout the year, we send our newsletter about the festival and other events in english.