Lejla Abbasová Announced as New Ambassador of Volunteer Program

28. 2. 2024

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Open House Prague festival, which allows the public to take a look inside buildings that are usually not accessible. Throughout its history, the festival has opened over 620 buildings and spaces and welcomed nearly half a million visitors who enjoy architecture and discovering the city. The concept of an open city is shared with over 50 festivals around the world, making Open House one of the world’s biggest architecture festivals.

“The idea to hold the Open House Prague festival first came to me in early 2013, shortly after I learned about the London edition of the festival, whose size – with over 800 open buildings – was fascinating to me. The easy concept of dozens of cities in the international network Open House Worldwide, where the festivals were held, called for joining in,” says Open House Prague founder and creative director Andrea Šenkyříková. 

The 2024 anniversary edition of Open House Prague will take place May 13–19, 2024 and open over 100 architectural gems around Prague on the weekend for free. Starting May 13, there will also be an accompanying program with lectures, discussions, and walking tours. We will let you enter buildings designed by important Czech architects, whose birth anniversaries we are commemorating this year – e.g. Josef Fuchs, Oldřich Tyl, Adolf Benš, Josef Fanta, Jan Gillar, Karel Hubáček, and more. Topics that we will focus on include changes of the city, architecture, and the public space in the last ten years as well as the accessibility and openness of the city for all groups of citizens.

Every year, volunteers represent an indispensable part of the festival, helping us before and during the event. Over the last ten years, roughly 2,600 volunteers from all around the Czech Republic as well as from abroad have joined us. Lejla Abbasová, presenter, activist, and former spokeswoman of the minister of human rights and ethnic minorities, has become the new ambassador of the volunteer program.

“I’m incredibly happy about becoming a part of the Open House family. I remember the day when the founder of the Prague editon, Andrea Šenkyříková, came up with the idea. I thought it was absolutely amazing but also very brave. Convincing institutions and the private sector to basically let strangers into their ‘living room’?! It almost seemed like utopia to me back then… One decade later, I have to bow down not only before Andrea and the team she has managed to build but also before the hundreds volunteers who are an integral part to the festival’s success,” says Lejla Abbasová, adding: “Volunteering for Open House Prague is not just about opening the door to some building but also about opening the door to a whole new life. You’ll meet new people and see new places, and I firmly believe that you’ll have a great time.”

Registration of Volunteers Now Open!

Anyone who’s interested in opening the city for everybody can become a volunteer. Watch the video below, where other volunteers talk about their motivation to get involved in the festival, and get inspired! Application and more information can be found here.

Our nonprofit organization Open House Praha, z. ú., has become a new partner of the Open House Europe project, which includes e.g. an international volunteer exchange between the partnering cities. This means that three experienced Open House Prague volunteers can travel to Essen, Tallinn, and Stockholm this year!

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