Programs for children 2020

During the festival, there was a program for families with children in selected buildings.

photo by Eva Mořická

Children, as well as grown ups, could play in a Lego workroom at the Radost House in Žižkov which was open for free during the entire festival weekend from 10 am to 6 pm. There were enough Lego bricks for little as well as grown-up enthusiasts to build the house of their dreams. The littlest builders could play with Duplo bricks.

Special tours with worksheets for little architects took place in eight buildings. These tours allowed children to learn more about each building and its architecture in a playful way. These tours were only in Czech.

Just like last year, visitors could also buy “Architektoníček“, our creative city guide which helps children observe and feel the buildings as well as the public space around them. Information about wheelchair accessibility in the buildings (for example for strollers) was indicated in the printed guide as well as on our website.

Aside from tours for children, a special program for children took place in other buildings as well. At the Blue House, small children could play in the children’s corner where they were looked after by our staff while parents could explore the house. Older children could participate in a game where they searched the nooks and crannies of the house and tried to figure out its mysteries. A mass for children took place at the house as well (on Sunday, 9.30 am to 10 am). The House at the Two Golden Bears had worksheets prepared. The Karlín Barracks opened a relax zone for families with children, and at the Little Villa, there was a self-service workshop on the topic of the architecture of the villa and its garden that took place throughout the entire day. There, children could create their own architectural plans or even design their own unique garden. Little architects who love to sport could visit the Podkovářská Premises where they could play basketball on the roof of one of the buildings. Visitors could also spend their Saturday in the district of Ďáblice where they could visit the fire station, the observatory, the elementary school, or the community center and sit down with a cup of coffee while children could play on the playground outside.

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