Klára Veselá

photo: Eva Kořínková
photo: Hana Krejbichová
photo: Michaela Pánková

What is your profession?

I’ve worked with children all my life. I focus on alternative and free education, an open access to information and sharing information among both small and large groups of people. I founded a community school, which was a great joy of mine, and I also acted as the school’s leader for several years. Now I’m happy to have passed my position on to a great team of colleagues so that I can focus on Open House Prague full-time.

How did you start working with OHP?

Because I’d had a long-time experience with coordinating volunteers for a Prague music festival, I was approached by Andrea before the very first Open House Prague Festival with an offer to help find volunteers for the event. Because the vision of the festival was, and still is, absolutely incredible to me, I didn’t hesitate, and I am still very grateful that I get to work for OHP.

Which building/part of Prague or architectural style is your favorite?

Unfortunately, I’m a huge romantic, which means that I’m doomed to stare dreamily at the sunset, read classic authors, and gush about the beauty of historical architecture. I love the center of Prague, unevenly paved streets, and gothic cathedrals and churches. When I’m abroad, I like to visit mainly historical places; in England, for example, I found the combination of modern architecture and buildings that are hundreds of years old very challenging. At the same time, I love imagination and freedom, so I really enjoy following contemporary architecture studies of the public space and their unique solutions. Architects who work with natural materials, such as wood and stone, are the most appealing to me, and I also like round shapes. I’m hardly ever impressed by buildings that look sharp and feel cold, which is often caused mainly by concrete and metals, especially when combined with right and sharp angles.

How long have you been working with OHP and what do you like about it?

I worked at OHP as a coordinator of volunteers for eight years. Those who work in the socio-cultural nonprofit sector know very well that it takes a lot of extra work which is beyond the competences required for the job. You communicate with partners, help with production, write e-mails and make phone calls. Basically, you try to do your best to make sure that Open House Prague really brings something to people. What I like about working for the organization is that I can be a part of the entire preparation process and the enthusiasm of the people around me, and that we can engage the public, experts, students, elders, and other organizations. I’ve always liked to help tear down barriers, open taboo topics, reveal information, and open doors. With Open House Prague, I get to do all of that. Since July 1, 2022, I’ve been the organization’s director, having replaced Andrea Šenkyříková.

What are your hobbies?

The older I get, the more I try to reduce my hobbies to things that I can really manage in terms of time. Maybe that’s why my work sort of combines my interests: I like to discover the new, read books, I like music and dancing. I like passionate discussions on various topics with friends and family. I like learning from all children, including mine. And to maintain my inner balance, I’m completely dependant on being in an immediate contact with nature: occasional sleeping under the stars, swimming in a forest lake, conquering mountains, and walking barefoot in meadows.

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