The first Open House Worldwide festival will run November 14–15 2020

14. 9. 2020

This autumn, Open House Worldwide (OHWW) will stage its first collaborative event: a free 48-hour streamed festival of events, discussions, tours and more.

With contributions from architects, designers, urbanists and citizens in over 35 Open House cities from across the network, Open House Worldwide will tackle the most important issues facing our built environments across the world, from the climate crisis to housing; transport to post-pandemic design.

Ten years after the Open House Worldwide network was founded, it has become more clear than ever that the challenges we face as individual neighbourhoods, cities and nations are challenges shared across the globe. Whether it is the Covid-19 pandemic or the ongoing climate crisis, the scale of these issues and others transcend borders and time zones and require bold, broad and interconnected responses.

The Open House Worldwide network will provide a platform to tackle these challenges, taking perspectives on community planning in Chicago to audiences in Slovenia; sharing innovative responses to the pandemic in Taipei to urban thinkers in Buenos Aires; or opening conversations on public housing between Barcelona, Lagos, Mexico City and beyond.

As with all Open House events, the Open House Worldwide festival will be free to access and enjoy. The festival will be broadcast via the Open House Worldwide website.

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Open House Worldwide is the coordinating body of the Open House organisations around the world. There are currently 46 cities in the Open House Worldwide network. The Open House concept was founded by Victoria Thornton in London in 1992. The Open House Worldwide network was founded in 2010 and today has members in five continents, reaching hundreds of thousands of people every year. Open House Worldwide is administered by Open City, a charity registered in the UK.

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