Open House Prague 2022 for Children

photo: Jan Mizler

Lego Workroom

As in previous years, you can come with your children to an open Lego workroom and build the house of your dreams with special white bricks! The littlest builders can play with Duplo bricks. The workroom (organized in collaboration with Czech RepuBRICK) will be open for free during the entire festival weekend on May 21–22 in the UMPRUM Technology Center in Mikulandská Street from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Guided Tours

Because we want to guide children on their journey to exploring the beauty of architecture and the captivating stories of the open buildings, we have also prepared guided tours for children again (taking place on the weekend of May 21–22). During these tours, children are provided with worksheets for little architects, which not only spark creativity but also help children learn about terms and topics related to architecture in a fun way. These tours are recommended for children of 5+ years of age, and there is no need to register in advance. Tours for children are in Czech only.

photo: Štefan Letko
photo: Dušan Vondra

On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the foundation of the Sokol, you can visit several Sokol gyms in Prague. Two tours for children will take place in the very first Czech Sokol gym, the Sokol Gymnasium in Nové Město (Saturday 2 p.m. and Sunday 4 p.m.), designed by Czech architect Vojtěch Ignác Ullmann. Here children will see the historical halls named after the founders of the Sokol (Miroslav Tyrš and Jindřich Fügner) and learn more about the history of the Sokol movement and the building itself.

On Sunday 3 p.m., you and your children can also visit the monumental ARA Palace, built in the 1930s, which now serves as the main office of HubHub coworking. The palace is built on a steel frame similar to New York City skyscrapers, and thanks to this steel strength, it has survided two fires. Here you can see the modern interiors of HubHub, the original riveted steel girder, and the gigantic curved windows (supposedly a Czechoslovak patent). On top of that, there are two terraces which offer a beautiful view of Prague!

photo: Jana Zavoralová
photo: Adéla Sopuchová

We will take children to two family houses as well – the Trmal Villa in Strašnice (Sunday 1 p.m.) and the Štenc House in the Old Town (Sunday 2 p.m.). Designed by Jan Kotěra, the Trmal Villa gives the appearance of a countryside residence, thanks to its surrounding garden and location in a quiet neighborhood. On the tour, children will learn for example how the architect worked with folklore themes. The Štenc House, built for publisher Jan Štenc, is an example of an unusual family house – it included not only family apartments but also a printing plant, a workroom, and the company’s main office. Some of the most significant Czech literary works were printed here, and the house also served as a meeting spot of some of the biggest names in art and culture of the time, such as painter Max Švabinský, sculptor Jan Štursa, or architect Jan Kotěra.

Tours for children will also take place in the Czech National Library of Technology (Saturday 3 p.m.) in the Dejvice university campus and in Quadrio (Saturday 4 p.m.), where we will take a closer look at the famous sculpture by David Černý and climb up to the terrace on the roof.

Times of Guided Tours for Children

The program is subject to change. We recommend that you check the times again before your visit.

photo: Dušan Vondra

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