Hedvika Čenková

Foto: Tomáš Sysel

What is your profession?

I studied tourism, and after many years, I completed a course for tour guides of Prague, later for tour guides of Prague Castle as well, and I also got a license to guide in the Jewish Museum. To complete my education, I also studied the history of art at the Catholic Theological Faculty, Charles University. Although I’m retired now, I still guide tourists, and I also work in the Prague City Gallery.

How did you become a tour guide?

Working as a tour guide in Prague was my dream ever since I was in high school. I eventually started guiding Czech and foreign tourists around Prague as well as other places in the Czech Republic. I realized that I most enjoyed guiding outside of the historic center of Prague. As long as there is somebody who I can guide, I’m going to continue doing it because I love it. I work with Prague City Tourism, Prague City Museum, and the Prague 6 Municipal District on various projects. In the past, I have also worked with the Prague Information Service and trained other tour guides for many years.

Which building/part of Prague or architectural style is your favorite?

I’m always into the topic that I work on, no matter if it’s baroque architecture, functionalism, sacral architecture, or the Sokol gyms.

How long have you been working with Open House Prague and what do you like about it?

I’ve been working with Open House Prague since 2018. I like meeting new people, and there’s always an amazing group of people involved in the festival.

What are your hobbies?

History, art, reading, cynology, sitting down in a café, and wandering in nature.

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