Dagmar Winklerová

Foto: Tomáš Sysel

What is your profession?

I have a degree in architecture. For a few years I worked as a librarian in the Náprstek Museum, and now I work as a digital library curator.

How did you become a tour guide?

Having worked in the city center for many years, I would always bump into groups of tourists while I was wandering around, and I often felt bad for the tabloid-like commentary that they were being provided. I thought that, based on that commentary, no one would create a relationship to Prague that was as respectful and understanding as the city deserved. This eventually brought me to the idea of trying to offer tourists something better myself.

Which building/part of Prague or architectural style is your favorite?

The Old Town is very close to my heart, especially the so-called Pátá čtvrť, Prague’s former Jewish quarter, or the Na Františku quarter. I also love exploring former villages that eventually became swallowed up by the city, looking for them by names and city shapes in the map and later finding their traces in the terrain. As for architectural styles, I’m fascinated by the Beuron art school.

How long have you been working with Open House Prague and what do you like about it?

I have been a volunteer since 2021. I love meeting people who are just as enthusiastic about the city as me. Thanks to the festival, I’m able to visit places that I haven’t otherwise been able to enter on my own. For a city explorer, that is an incredibly valuable benefit.

What are your hobbies?

I love to walk, both outside in nature and in the city. No open passage or inner courtyard is safe from my curiosity 😉. But most of all I like to collect, come up with and tell stories.

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