Fun & Carefree Christmas with Gifts from Open House Praha

29. 11. 2022

Author of the original article: Monika Fülöpová

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Or for your colleagues who happen to be lovers of architecture? Do you want to have a peaceful and happy Christmas holidays? In this article, you will find recommendations for great gifts that will create a beautiful, fun Christmas atmosphere and make you and your loved ones happy!

You probably know this all too well – Christmas is just around the corner, but you don’t know where to turn. Your to-do-list is so long you have no idea where to start. You promised yourself that you would do your best to create the right Christmas atmosphere no matter what, but this promise is disappearing in all the hustle and bustle that comes with this time of year. You promised yourself that there would be no rush, only a peaceful time with your family – starting with the Advent season – just like you remember from your childhood. However, it’s all slipping through your fingers, and on top of that, you don’t know where to get gifts.

Sounds familiar? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our gifts can help you have a playful and fun Christmas with a sense of communality – all of which, due to the busy and fast world we live in today, are often missing from this magical time.

Blue Christmas ornaments by Open House Praha from Jan Kotěra Edition

For example, there’s nothing better than making something with your own hands, and it doesn’t have to be anything difficult. Remember back in the day how you used to make all kinds of paper decorations in school? All you needed was a template, a pencil, and a pair of scissors, and the fun could begin. Now you can experience the same joy with your own children (or by yourself) and bring back that forgotten excitement, or you can dedicate this throwback to childhood to your loved ones – with our paper Christmas ornaments.

There are two editions of ornaments you can choose from on our e-shop – an edition inspired by the motifs found on buildings designed by Jan Kotěra and a brand new edition inspired by the motifs found on buildings designed by Pavel Janák, which we’ve released on the occasion of Janák’s 140th birth anniversary. Both editions are available in two colors, red and blue, so you can choose depending on which color goes best with your Christmas decorations. Designed by graphic designer Dita Krouželová, the ornaments will not only beautifully decorate your (or your friends’) Christmas tree or apartment but they will also leave a happy memory of a time spent together on assembling them. And let’s be honest – such moments are what Christmas is about.

Red Christmas ornaments by Open House Praha from Jan Kotěra Edition
Coloring pages by Open House Praha

You can also invoke the playful spirit and creativity with our coloring pages. Finish the missing parts of featured buildings, practice axial symmetry, or reimagine the buildings as you like! Who knows – maybe you’re the new architectural genius! The coloring pages feature Prague Main Train Station, Hotel International, Invalidovna, or the steamship on the Vltava River. For even more fun, you can give each member of your family one copy of the coloring pages and compete for the best design! All fun, no stress – even if your loved ones save the coloring pages for later when they need to relax after an exhausting day. What’s a better gift than a peace of mind?

Finally, if you or your friends have children, they will definitely love our sets of matching cards with images of buildings in Prague that were open during the Open House Prague Festival in the past. Not only is it a fun way to entertain children but also a great way for them to learn more about the Czech capital and its architectural gems. This applies to adults as well, because a game of matching cards can be a fun way to relax, especially if they’re passionate about architecture. In that case, success with our gift is guaranteed!

So, let’s get to it! After all, there’s nothing better than putting away your phone for a while and immersing yourself in pure fun and harmless competitiveness.

Matching cards by Open House Praha

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