Announcing Winners of Photo Contest “Otevřená Praha”

9. 6. 2022

This year’s Open House Prague included a photo contest titled Otevřená Praha (“Open Prague”), held in collaboration with 112 visitors entered the contest and sent 256 photos. The jury chose 7 finalists from each of the three categories, i.e. 21 finalists in total.

Readers of and visitors of Open House Prague then chose the winners from the final competing entries in a public vote.

photo: Hana Krejbichová

Category: Building

A complex view of the architecture of a building’s exteriors or interiors and larger parts of buildings. The finalists were selected by the editorial staff of

  • 1st place: Starcaise in Radost House – Matěj Kocián (96 votes)
  • 2nd place: Construction – Desfours Palace, a combinaton of columns and a colorful floor tiling in the neoclassical Desfours Palace – Adriana Bunea (67 votes)
  • 3rd place: Stadium – Great Strahov Stadium, a place filled with history – Martina Hrdličková (65 votes)

3. misto, foto: Martina Hrdličková

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Category: Detail

Architectural details and construction details such as handles, stained glass, handrails etc. The finalists were selected by professional photographer Lukáš Žentel, guarantor of the contest.

  • 1st place: Line, “A part of Building B at Brumlovka. I have photographed this building in the past from below, but this is the view that I was offered from the terrace.” – Tomáš Salač (125 votes)
  • 2nd place: „S“, a modern detail which fits the old interiors of the former Electrical Enterprises – Mark Krotov (119 votes)
  • 3rd place: Line, the decorative ceiling of the conference hall at the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Veronika Svobodová (67 votes)

1. místo, foto: Tomáš Salač

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Category: People

Snapshots from the festival, photos of the visitors and the organizers during the festival. The finalists were selected by the organizing team of Open House Prague.

  • 1st place: Next, please, a view through a dispensing window which sees the visitors on a tour of a former canteen at Pragovka – Lukáš Najman (102 votes)
  • 2nd place: Architectural Disciple, “Our 8-year-old daughter Elisa saw this impressive functionalist church and said: ‘Mr. Hus has great taste, mommy.'” – Wiebke Polcarová (84 votes)
  • 3rd place: Joy in the Sky, “A relax room called ‘Cloud’. There’s an inner child in all of us, which is why like to just lie down comfortably sometimes. There’s no better way to relax at work after a good lunch.” – Maroš Karas (84 hlasů)

1. místo, foto: Lukáš Najman

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Thank you to every participant! The photos which made it to the final selection and detailed previews of the photos can be found here.

Thank you to every visitor and volunteer who took part in this year’s Open House Prague! You can already mark your calendars for the next Open House Prague, which will take place on May 15–21, 2023. You can also mark your attendance on our Facebook event!

In the following weeks, the company Topinfo, s.r.o. (operator of will be sending out the rewards to the winners to the addresses which the winners stated in their application form.

Thank you to our sponsors: Vršovické divadlo MANA, Sanitární technika Grohe; other rewards were donated by the organization Open House Praha and the editorial staff of

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