Walk around the residences of one of the richest families in pre-war Europe – the Petschek family

2. 2. 2022

The walk through the villa district in Bubeneč on April 10th, 2022 will introduce you to the residences of one of the richest families in pre-war Europe. The Petschek family members owned more than a dozen houses in Bubeneč, some of them designed by architect Max Spielmann. You will learn how the individual members of the Petschek family lived, as well as a number of other interesting facts about them; eg. their marriage strategy across generations or how the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic compensated for the post-war confiscation of their property in the 1980s. We will also show you a secret path leading through the district.

American Embassy in Prague, source: Wikipedia

The Petschek family was one of the wealthiest and most influential dynasties of the flourishing First Czechoslovak Republic. Their legacy as industrialists and prolific builders can be seen in a multitude of landmark Prague buildings from the Petschek Palace near Prague’s State Opera, to the opulent Petschek Villa in Bubeneč now the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence... The Petschek Villa isn’t the only one of the family’s Bubeneč residences with an intriguing backstory.
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