The first Open House Worldwide Festival is over

21. 11. 2020

Having connected through the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic in the spring, we and our partners from Open House decided to stage the first collaborative event of the Open House Worldwide network. And so, on the second weekend of November, there was a 48-hour livestream on Youtube which featured videos from 43 cities over the world. The atmosphere of the festival was so unique! We experienced a special feeling of virtual closeness with people from around the world who are interested in our cities and their stories. From the comfort of our homes, we could watch a bike ride around the modern city of London, a guided cruise on a ship in Chicago, and join tours around architecturally important buildings and spaces in Vilnius, Melbourne, Tallinn, Basel, Barcelona, and many more cities. Thanks to an online chat, people could join livestreamed discussions on social housing, climate crisis, public space, social life in the pandemic, or street art. The Open House Worldwide Festival was watched by more than 40 000 viewers! The program was also joined by many volunteers from Prague through pre-recorded online conversations that divided individual program blocks. That is something we were especially proud of, and it provides us with a positive feedback on our community of volunteers. And what was the response to the very first collaborative event of the network?

Tento obrázek nemá vyplněný atribut alt; název souboru je Snimek-obrazovky-2020-11-15-v-23.07.05-700x388.png.

This whole program was just terrific! It made me feel so connected to others around the world who are also enthusiastic observers of our cities and world. Lynne C, OHNew York volunteer

This beautiful event presented a big deal of great architecture from a lot of different viewpoints. Angela Püskül

Thank you OHWW team for delivering an excellent program and experience! Dee Dunn

This was a great escape from my home town this weekend. Susan Katz

Thanks to everyone involved in this amazing event. It was like taking an adventurous get-away-trip with good friends on board. So many different places, cities, places, people… Jana Grillová

Open House is one reason why I became interested in architecture. Nicole Nagy

I loved the overall openness, the constructive attitude and the shared energy in this worldwide edition. Wouter Meire

Open House Worldwide is seeding a movement that promises to shape cities in the future. Dee Dunn

Open House was amazing and I’m already looking forward to the next event! Bob Wyatt

Tento obrázek nemá vyplněný atribut alt; název souboru je OHP-700x292.png.

Being the very last part of the festival, the program prepared on behalf of Open House Prague became the cherry on top of the entire event. In collaboration with architect Adam Gebrian and, we showed the viewers three modern buildings in Prague – the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, Congress Center Prague, and the Dancing House. The dynamic shots of architecture combined with Adam’s commentary were met with a very positive response from the audience. In collaboration with the Institute of Deaf Studies, Charles University, the video was interpreted into International Sign, being the only video in the entire program with this feature. Here are some of the responses.

These are amazing “houses”! Thank you, beautifully done. Kathleen Sullivan

So wonderful to see this accessibility feature! Open House New York

I hope this one will be uploaded to the OHWW site for another viewing. Chris Scrivener

Bravo! Joyce Lee

The Prague Open House was amazing. I’ve been to Prague, but never was inside The Dancing Building and never saw that church or convention center. The visuals and the commentary were perfect. Sandy Roth

Did you miss our festival premiere? No problem. We have an exclusive opportunity for you to watch our video right now!

Video with Czech and English subtitles

Video with English subtitles and International Sign interpretation

You can also watch some videos of our partners directly on the OHWW website, and if you subscribe to newsletter and become a fan of the network, then you will be the first to get information about new posts on the website!

How did you enjoy the festival weekend? We’ll be grateful for any kind of feedback! Feel free to contact us via

The festival was prepared in collaboration with our partners and the Open House Worldwide team of volunteers. If you liked the event, you can also support us financially.

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