In cooperation with our partners, two thematic sections have been introduced to Open House Prague 2019 this year.

Green buildings

In the context of the current global and economic crises we have decided to show how architecture may contribute to the debate on ecological sustainability. In cooperation with The Czech Green Building Council (CZGBC) we have prepared a selection of current examples representing various ways to effectively reduce environmental impact in the building sector. This section also involves other buildings which utilise the benefits of energy efficient technologies

What is a green building? Typically, a green building is designed and constructed from renewable and recyclable materials and respects the character of the surrounding urban development. Moreover, it encompasses indoor environmental qualities including thermal comfort, air and acoustics quality, the spatial separation of quiet and noisy activities as well as providing sufficient daylight. Green buildings may be awarded an environmental certificate proving their quality and environmental friendliness. The Czech Republic widely acknowledges the international certificates BREEAM, LEED and the Czech SBTool. Each of these certificates confirms the quality of a building from the point of view of sustainability and environmental friendliness. When assessing a building, the fact of whether it is new or refurbished is taken into consideration.

List of Buildings:

  1. Amazon Court*
  2. Delta
  4. Filadelfie
  5. Greenline –SCS Software headquarters
  6. Interfaculty Centre of Environmental Sciences II – Department of Landscape Architecture and Libosad, CULS
  7. Křižík II Palace – Headquarters of
  8. Port X
  9. Quadrio
  10. Červený dvůr Residency*
  11. Modřanka Residency *
  12. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR – new building
  13. Visionary*

*These buildings have been endorsed by the CZGBC.

Buildings owned by the City of Prague

Some buildings will be made publicly accessible under the auspices of the Capital city of Prague. This will include buildings which are the property of the city of Prague.

You will be able to see representative rooms of the City Mayor’s Residency which is located in the new building of the Municipal Library of Prague. The architect of the First-Republic building, in so far as design and artistic decoration are concerned, was František Roith. The plain Neoclassical travertine façade conceals extraordinarily rich interiors influenced by late Art Nouveau and art deco styles.

Buildings and premises which are currently not used represent yet another matter. The Open House Praha festival will open the gates of the Great Strahov stadium. Since 2003, the dilapidating stadium has had the status of a cultural monument. Its fate is, however, uncertain with regard to the future possibilities of its use. After lengthy litigation the complicated ownership of the stadium was finally resolved in 2014 and the stadium is now owned by the city of Prague. At present, the city is planning to conduct an urban study focused on the future use of the premises.

Another building which will be made accessible to the public during the festival is the Pages´ House of Lords of Martinique in Hradčany dating back to the Renaissance period. This rather inconspicuous corner house earned its name during the reign of the Habsburg emperor Rudolf II who would accommodate his servants here. After the original building was affected by a fire, the famous architect Carlo Lurago participated in the early baroque restoration. The house has seen countless different inhabitants, the last ones being city clerks who left in 2008. Since then, this historic building and cultural monument has been on a list of empty houses, waiting for their next use.

Because of great interest from the public, we will open the premises of the Desfours Palace. This now empty building on a bend in Na Florenci street has already been under heritage protection for sixty years. The palace encompasses artistically valuable interiors carried out by excellent craftsmen.

The City Hall Houses which are part of the Old Town Hall Complex have an interesting background as well. This block of historically significant houses near the Old Town Square has been empty for over a decade. The city, which owns them, has been looking for a suitable new use for the houses ever since the last clerks who worked at the city hall moved out. In 2017, the ‘House at the Golden Horn’ and the ‘House at the Minute’ found their new purpose in housing the Prague Creative Center. The current political representatives of Prague City Hall aim to find a solution for the rest of the block.

List of Buildings:

  1. Desfours Palace
  2. The Pages´ House of Lords of Martinique
  3. Prague Creative Center
  4. City Hall Houses
  5. City Mayor´s Residency
  6. Great Strahov Stadium