Liechtenstein Palace

main hallway and staircase, chapel, Blue lounge, Kampa lounge, Golden Hall, Brown Hall, Garden hall, garden

Saturday, Sunday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: archiv budovy, Tomáš Sysel

Transport: tram (Hellichova)
Visiting Method: group tours of a limited size (30 persons)
Toaletyvýhledykulturní památka

Address: U Sovových mlýnů 506/4, Praha 1-Malá Strana
Year: 1697–1698 (baroque palace); 1831; 1864 (restoration in the style of classicism); 1924–1934 (renovation of the interior); 1982–1991 (major restoration); 2002 (restoration following the floods)
Architects: Giovanni B. Alliprandi (baroque palace); František Srnec (classicist restoration)

There is a water palace in Venice, but we also have one like that in Prague – it is located on Kampa Island. However, after many reconstructions that have taken place, it is not possible anymore to arrive inside on a boat, unfortunately. Would you be able to guess that the palace does not own its current appearance to Prince of Liechtenstein but to František Serafín Odkolek, a bakery magnate and miller from the Sova’s Mills nearby? Come explore this opulent cultural monument which is now used by the government of the Czech Republic for purposes of representation and for accommodating distinguished visitors from abroad. The list of people who have spent a night inside includes for example Juan Carlos I, former king of Spain, along with his wife Sophia, the British royal family, or Akihito and Michiko, emperor and empress of Japan.