Johannes Kepler Gymnasium

school building, terrace, gym hall

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Building’s Archive

Transport: tram (Pohořelec), bus (Hládkov)
Visiting Method: free entry
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Address: Parléřova 2, Praha 6-Hradčany (entry via Hládkov street through playground)
Year: 1901 (building on Hládkov); 1932 (functionalist building Parléřova); 2009 (new building of a gym hall)
Architects: Quido Bělský; Mečislav Petrů and Karel Beneš, Václav Suk; Sporadical (gym hall)

Did you know that the grammar school building is located in places where the Renaissance summer residence originally stood? The Danish astronomer Tycho de Brahe was said to live and work here. Many observations taken together with Johannes Kepler also took place here. Hence, the inspiration for the name of the grammar school, which consists of a complex of three buildings with different histories, was taken from here. You can visit selected sections of the grammar school including outdoor terraces or a new gym hall built in 2009 according to the design of Sporadical  architecture studio.