Open House Prague is not only a festival that happens one weekend in the year!
Like every year, our infopoint will be open for the whole festival week. Also, this year we offer you two debate evenings or a steamboat cruise.


Come to see us from May 13th to the infopoint where you can buy some of our materials and souvenirs.
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. / Sat–Sun 9 a.m. – 7  p.m. Address: Malé náměstí 7, Praha 1 (former City Hall Houses)


Float with us into the festival week!
First of the series of guided cruises on the Vltava river will take place on Tuesday May 14 at 6 p.m. on board the Vltava steamboat. During the cruise, the architect Petr Kučera will tell you about the development of the Prague riverbank and bridges.
Information about the price can be found at goout.cz.
Partner of the event: Prague Boats, s. r. o. – Pražská paroplavební společnost, a. s.


Enjoy the city views from your bike saddle!
In cooperation with our partner Ekolo.cz, we invite you to a cyclotour on Saturday May 18 at 2 p.m.  The cyclotour will include a visit to the Modřanka premises and local park museum where you can enjoy a guided tour given by the architect of the Park museum Matěj Görner.
Meeting point: EbikeFest, by the Ekolo.cz showroom – Business centre Zálesí
(Pod Višňovkou 29, Praha 4 – Krč)
You can test the electrobikes on the EbikeFest for free, however you should bring your own bike to enjoy the tour.
Don´t forget to make a reservation in advance at expo@ebikefest.cz.


Czech and English tours will take turns in seven buildings: City Mayor’s Residency, House at the Stone Bell, Ericsson Palace, Prague Creative Center, House at the Two Golden Bears, City Hall Houses, Štenc House – seat of Opero coworking, during the festival weekend.



In some buildings you can meet architects or designers during the weekend or you will be guided by people who work or study there. Also there are various exhibitions, presentations and other events organised by the owners. Check our list.

Special commented tours in buildings

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU): commented tours with academia

Desfours Palace: tours in cooperation with the Empty Houses initiative

Evangelical Cemetery in Strašnice: a commented tour at the cemetery with the architect Filip Ditrich on Saturday at 10.00 a.m., no reservation needed

Faculty Elementary School in Ďáblice: a commented tour with the architect Václav Škarda on Saturday at 10.00 a.m., no reservation needed

Duhovka High School: commented tours with students of the school

Johannes Kepler Gymnasium: commented tour with the architect Jakub Našinec on Saturday at 2.30 p.m., no reservation needed

Masaryk Railway Station – Prague Main Railway Station: commented excursions Between the Two Prague Railway Stations with Tomáš Bezouška from the Czech Railways

Free admission, more information about registration and exact times of the walks on: bezouska@zap.cd.cz.

The excursions start at Masaryk Railway Station, where you will learn interesting facts about the railway´s history and operation and you will visit the lounge of T.G. Masaryk. On the way to the Prague Main Railway Station the guide will also explain where exactly the city fortifications led or where the Prague gallows hill used to be. At the Main Railway Station you will visit the Art Nouveau Fanta´s departure hall and finally you will be introduced into the unique Emperor´s and later Governmental lounge.

Interfaculty Centre of Environmental Sciences II (MCES II): commented tours given by a landscape architect Lucie Miovská. Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 p.m. and 1 p.m., no advance reservation required

Municipal House in Ďáblice: commented tour with a co-author of the project, the architect P. Lacko on Saturday at 2 p.m., no advance reservation required

Červený dvůr Residency: commented tours with architects

Modřanka Residency: a commented tour in the park with the architect Matěj Görner on Saturday at 2.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m., no advance reservation required.

Schebek Palace, the seat of CERGE-EI: commented tours on Saturday and on Sunday, no advance reservation required.

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR – historic and new building: tours with architects I. Šrom a K. Mašková who designed the refurbishment of the historical building. The tours will start every 30 minutes; visit to A. Holý´s study, no advance reservation required.

Exhibitions and Presentations

Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP): photographs, presentations, projection

Cubex Centrum Praha: exhibition of plans and photos documenting the process of construction

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague: presentation of historic photographs

The Institute of Philosophy, Institute of Sociology, Institute of Art History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic: panel exhibition, presentations, information about the building´s peculiarities

Vyšehrad Historic Steamboat: exhibition of steamboat models and the company´s history

Invalidovna (Hotel des Invalides): exhibition on the History of Invalidovna and military hospitals during the First World War

Church of St. Anna – Prague Crossroads: photography exhibition

Laichter House – the seat of Paseka Publishing House: a small exhibition of books published by Paseka Publishing House, discount books available

Wilson Station, Prague Main Railway Station: exhibition of historic photographs and materials

Municipal House in Ďáblice: exhibition of technical drawings and photographs

Petschek Palace – Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic: an exhibition of period photographs and drawings of project documents

Červený dvůr Residency: an exhibition of documentation, plans and drawings

Central Telecommunication Building CETIN (Czech Telecommunications Infrastructure, Inc.): an exhibition of photographs and showpieces documenting the building´s history and development in the field of telecommunication; competition

Trade Fair Palace – National Gallery Prague: Future palace: an exhibition of the future and past of the Trade Fair Palace (in the Small atrium)

Water Tower in Letná: a photo exhibition

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (VŠCHT): mineralogical collections, group accessible at 11 a.m., 12 o´clock and 1 p.m.

Mineralogical collections at VŠCHT Prague belong among the oldest and best organized university collections of this kind. They are internationally registered in the lists of world collections and rank among the largest in Europe, as pertains to the number of exhibits and mineral collections from around the world. Currently, the mineralogical collections include several parts – a systematic collection and a collection of decorative and jewel stones. These collections boast minerals in their raw as well as processed state, including synthetic precious stones. This collection is further enriched with a collection of glass models of diamonds renowned for their processing.

Villa Winternitz: an exhibition on the villa´s history

Elementary School and Nursery School Bílá: an exhibition on the history of the school

Other programmes

Stock Steam Mill (Classic 7) – Offices of HBO Europe: videoprojection of HBO production

Greenline – SCS Software headquarters: video screening about development of PC games; looping slideshow; interactive programme (truck simulator)

Hrzán Palace: videoprojection about the palace

Ďáblice Observatory: there will be a short projection + visiting both domes and clear sky observation with the telescopes, last projection at 5 p.m.

Chapel of the Holy Trinity and Saint Wenceslas in Ďáblice: presentation of photographs documenting restoration of the statues

Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague – new building: screening of the documentary Architecture in Concrete: Alena Šrámková – FA CTU New building:

Metro Palace – Image Theatre: video loop

Port X: looping slideshow

Třebešín Velodrome: free track bike and helmet rental, track cycling demonstration by the junior members of TJ Kovo team as part of their training session

Visionary – premium offices and seat of Business Link Visionary coworking: projection of photographs