Červený dvůr Residency

flat unit, common areas

Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: archiv budovy

Transport: bus (Pod Třebešínem)
Visiting Method: group tours of a limited size (15 persons)
doprovodný programexhibition of documents, plans, drawings, tours with architects

Address: K Červenému dvoru 10, Praha 10-Strašnice
Year: 2019
Architects: MS architekts

What can an ecological contemporary residential building look like? One of this very kind is now being completed in Strašnice at the site of a former Baroque homestead called Červený dvůr (“Red Court”). Today, it is only remembered by a 100-year-old Lebanon cedar that stands there. The character of the new building tries to follow the history of the surrounding area built up with villas from the era of the First Czechoslovak Republic. Join us in taking a look inside one of the recently finished garden apartments. We will also show you the technical parts of this energy efficient house, which uses highly modern technologies.