Renáta Hajnová

photo: Eva Kořínková
photo: Tomáš Sysel

What is your profession?

I studied architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague and also protection of industrial buildings at the University of Ostrava. In the last few years I’ve worked as a cultural producer, namely at the Center of Modern Architecture Monuments, which includes e.g. the Müller Villa.

How did you start working for OHP?

A few years ago I saw a call for volunteers on Facebook. I decided to defy my limits and sign up, and the festival has stayed with me ever since.

How long have you been working with OHP and what do you enjoy about it?

I started in 2017 as a volunteer in buildings. The following year I built up the courage to be a liaison volunteer who leads a whole team of volunteers, and together we opened several buildings. The atmosphere and the experience were so infectious that I just couldn’t let it go, and it has also gotten me even further. In 2022, I started working as the coordinator of all Open House Prague volunteers.

Which building/part of Prague or architectural style is your favorite?

That’s a tough question. I’m not sure if I have just one favorite building in Prague. Generally speaking, I love functionalism and Art Nouveau, both of which are very common in Prague. If I had to name one particular building, it would probably be DRN on Národní Avenue. I’d choose this building mainly because the entire time of construction (and even some time afterwards), I was very sceptical and against the project. However, my opinion changed when I had the chance to visit the building several times with one of its architects during the festival. Now I think it’s one of the most surprising buildings in Prague from the last couple of years. Modern, yet with a historical spirit. New, yet a bit old. Glassy and cold, yet cozy and warm.

What are your hobbies?

Aside from architecture, which has been part of my life since childhood, I’m interested in all kinds of art, be it in galleries or in the public space. I often sit down behind my sewing machine, a hobby that I’ve developed in recent years, and try to learn dressmaking. I like to spend the rest of my free time with my family or somewhere out in the nature with our dog.

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