First Republic buildings will open in autumn to celebrate the foundation of Czechoslovakia

In autumn we will continue to open architecturally significant buildings from the era of the First Republic. As part of the project Architecture of the First Republic in Prague, it remembers the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia.

On October 28, 2018, the day of the celebration of Czechoslovakia’s foundation, the public will have the unique opportunity to visit 10 usually inaccessible architectural gems built between 1918 and 1938“We wanted the program to include works of architects who were active in Czechoslovakia that best illustrate the diversity of architectural styles of that period,” says Andrea Šenkyříková, director of the organization Open House Praha, z. ú., and adds: “In relation to the foundation of a new country, it was necessary to construct many new buildings for the newly established institutions. That is why we include for example buildings of educational institutions, representative ministry palaces, facilities for physical education, or modern religious buildings in our selection.”

Aside from Tyrš’s House in the Little Town, that was already open in September, the public will also be able to visit the Ministry of Industry and Trade by Josef Fanta with its unmistakable glass cupola; Gočár’s House of Agricultural Education in Vinohrady; the Metro Palace on Národní Avenue; and many modern religious buildings by leading architects of the period – Josef Gočár, Josip Plečnik, or Pavel Janák. The October celebrations will be accompanied by commented tours with architects around some Prague quarters, special programs for children, tours for the deaf and commented tours in English at selected buildings.

The project will culminate on November 25, 2018 with the opening of the functionalist complex of the so-called French schools in Dejvice by architect Jan Gillar. Tours are for free.

More information about the form of each building’s accessibility can be found here or on our Facebook event.

Download the press release.