Open House Prague is over! Buildings welcomed more the 54 thousand visits!

During the weekend of May 19 and May 20, 2018, the festival of city architecture Open House Prague took place in Prague for the fourth time. In total, 65 buildings that are usually inaccessible had their interiors opened to the public and attracted 54,200 visits. The opening of buildings is not finished with the festival. Over the course of the year, we are going to make certain buildings from the First Republic accessible.

A record number of visitors – almost 4 000 – was checked in by the employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in the Petschek Palace. More than 2,000 visitors passed through Hotel International Prague, the Kramář’s Villa, the lounge at the Central Station, the Archa Palace, and the Schebek Palace. An attendance just under the number of 2,000 was recorded in the Clam-Gallas Palace, the Desfours Palace, DRN, EXPO 58, the Masaryk Railway Station, Prague Crossroads, CETIN, the Steam Mills, or the Metro Palace.

“At the entrance of some buildings, there were 2-hour long queues. The interest of the public was enormous in every building, but not all of them have the capacity to satisfy all visitors. This year the buildings saw 11 000 more visits than last year,” said the director of Open House Prague, Andrea Šenkyříková. She also stated that the aim of the festival, which is to make the city’s citizens interested in its architecture, has been successful so far.

Children’s program and sign language translation

There were special programs and creative architectural workshops aimed at our little visitors. “Through our interactive programs for families with children, we would like to be raising a new generation of people that is able to perceive the quality of the physical environment and the public space, and that has eyes open for the beauty of architecture,” Andrea Šenkyříková added.

Newly, in certain buildings, there were tours for the deaf in the Czech sign language. The additional program was complemented by tours of the city commented by eminent architects.

The festival, which is visited by young people, families with children, and many elders, is without difference open to everyone. The added value of the entire event can be found in the development of the volunteer culture. “The operation of open buildings was assisted by an unbelievable number of three hundred volunteers, which, in terms of a one-time event in the Czech space, is a unique amount,” the director of the festival concluded.

Back to the First Republic

Another new feature of this year’s festival was that the visitors could make their journey plans based on the thematic circuits. For example, a circuit called “Back to the era of the First Republic” introduced to the visitors twenty buildings of different architectural styles that were used here between 1918 and 1938. The organizers are going to continue to make the First Republic buildings accessible even after the end of the festival as part of a campaign named Architecture of the First Republic in Prague. Lovers of architecture can look forward to one of Prague’s First Republic gems in June already.

Thank you for your visit!