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Architecture for Everyone

Architecture is part of our everyday life, and Open House Prague invites you to explore it in an unconventional way! We open doors of usually not accessible buildings and spaces and apart of the festival we promote architecture also throughout variety of events during the whole year. Our purpose is to make people interested in the public space and architecture. Open House Prague provides a direct experience from architecture and allows it to be explored in various connections. The 7th Open House Prague Festival will be held from August 2–8, 2021. It will open 80 buildings and spaces for free.

photo by: Jan Mizler

Photo: Dušan Vondra

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With the support of our many partners as well as individuals, the festival is organized by the non-profit organization Open House Praha, z. ú. The festival would never happen if it weren’t for hunders of volunteers who dedicate their time to us and help us open the city. Do you like what we do? Join us! Become a volunteer, donate, or become a member of the club of Architecture Lovers. You can also enroll your building in the festival program, subscribe to our newsletter, or buy our products in our online store. Your support motivates us and assures as that there is a point to our work. Thank you!


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Throughout the year, we send our newsletter about the festival and other events in english.